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MOBILIFY’s Female to 2 x Female Plug Network

Price :  $2.00
Product Code :  MOBILIFY’s Female to 2 x Female Plug Network
Posted :  2018-03-26
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Supplier :  Khmer Shop
Mobile :  078 788-837
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Address :   182 E0 Street 253 Sangkat Tek LaorkII Khan Tuol Kork P.Penh Cambodia
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Posted by :   Khmer Shop

Product Description

Easily convert your RJ45 connection in to two RJ45 sockets with this RJ45 T Adapter.
This can be used if you are using an "Ethernet cable" (Cat 5/6 cable), with the same RJ45 plugs for a purpose OTHER than computer Ethernet networking. Such examples might be: Analog phone system, serial data transfer, or some other unusual application. It will physically split/share the wiring of an RJ45 socket, into two sockets.
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