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Dell Inspiron 14R (N4010) Laptop Keyboard

Price :  $15.00
Product Code :  Dell Inspiron 14R (N4010) Laptop Keyboard
Posted :  2018-02-26
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Supplier :  Khmer Shop
Mobile :  078 788-837
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Address :   182 E0 Street 253 Sangkat Tek LaorkII Khan Tuol Kork P.Penh Cambodia
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Posted by :   Khmer Shop

Product Description

Please identify your KEY TYPE, There are 3 versions of the same keyboard, so please make sure to
identify the retainer key type that best matches your keyboard. The easiest way to ID the version you have is by
looking at the metal tabs, DC07 has 2 bottom tabs, and DC28 has a wider bottom tab, and DC38 is skinnier.
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